Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sad days on the farm

Our farm was a normal  farm until my best friend Shadow (the dog) died when I was 7 years old. My life was really sad with no protector, no really good friend until we got another dog named Danner. He was hard the first couple of months but then he was a true farm dog, he chased 4 racoons in tree's.

But then bad things started to happen, first our cat had five kittens, they were so cute until one night Mara (our cat) was moving them from the barn to some other place she was on her way back to get the last kitten but a raccoon beat her to the last one. I woke up the next morning to do my normal chores, I walked in the barn  and I saw a baby kitten dead on the ground with blood all over.

Then another bad thing happened, I woke up to go do my chores one day, I went to the pig pen and I found one of our pigs dead on the ground. I inspected it and there was no blood or scratch marks anywhere. It was really sad but I still did not know what happen, My family said that it was a birth defect, I thought so to.

Now the worst thing that happen on 6/30/2013 my best friend Danner died. He got kidney failure, he must of ate a poisonous plant or rat bate. It is sad that all of our animals are dieing, it's like sand slowly slipping through your fingers. My best friends are now gone out of my life.

We all love you and miss you Danner

Rest in peace.


  1. Everyone reading should know that Danner in the photo is sleeping in one of his goofy positions. He did that a lot.

  2. Aw, Peter, I'm so sorry about Danner. He was such a sweet dog.