Thursday, March 14, 2013

Man Toys

This is what my dad just bought!

Here is a 1962 International Cub Low Boy. It has a little 4 cylinder engine, but it still runs like a monster!

                          It has a small bucket just right for our little one and a half acre farm. We use the forks on the front for cleaning out the stables. 

This is a carry-all that me and my dad made, and I got to tell you it is a big helping hand!

It also has a rake and a plow blade which is also a big helping hand.

 It is a fast hitch tractor. There is a hole at the back of the tractor that the bar just slides into the hole then there is a pin that snaps into that little dented part. You do not even have to get off the tractor. I think it was the easiest hitch in tractor history.



  1. Oh, you're going to have TOO much fun with that! :-)

  2. Looking forward to your updates... from a long lost relative in Michigan. :)

  3. Thank you all for being my first commenters.